Common Injuries

Common Injuries: Navigating Workplace Injuries and Compensation

Common Injuries

Understanding Workplace Injuries

A workplace injury can vary greatly in severity, from minor cuts to serious traumas like amputations or electric shocks. Understanding your rights as an injured worker is crucial in securing proper compensation.

Most Common Work Injuries

According to the country’s largest Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier, the most common work injuries are:

    1. Strains and sprains (30%)
    2. Cuts or punctures (19%)
    3. Contusions (12%)
    4. Inflammation (5%)
    5. Fractures (5%)

Frequent Causes of Workplace Injuries

Different industries have unique risks, such as falls in construction or eye injuries in manufacturing. Understanding these risks can help in both prevention and handling a claim for a workplace injury.

Filing a Claim for Workplace Injuries

If you have suffered a work-related injury or illness, you need to understand the claim process.

Reporting Within 30 Days

If an employee is injured, they must report the injury within 30 days to their employer. Failure to do so might result in loss of benefits.

Understanding Compensation Programs

Workers’ compensation programs are designed to provide wage replacement and medical care for those injured on the job.

The Process of Returning to Work

Returning to work after an injury can be complex. Guidance from a lawyer can ease the transition and ensure that your rights are protected.

Seeking Legal Assistance with Your Claim

Navigating a workplace injury claim can be challenging. Our experienced lawyers can guide you through the process.

Why You Might Need Legal Help

If you’ve been injured on the job, having legal support can help you file a claim properly and ensure that you receive the maximum benefits.

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