Denial of Benefits

Denial of Death Benefits: Navigating Denied Claims

Understanding Why Death Benefit Claims Are Denied

Dealing with denied claims can be a stressful and confusing experience. It is often a result of small oversights that can lead to a denial under California law. Some common reasons include:


  • Not reporting the injury to your employer immediately
  • Missing a deadline for filing your workers’ compensation claim
  • Discrepancies between your accident report and medical records
  • Filing a claim after being fired or laid off
  • Refusing to cooperate with the workers’ comp insurer

Small Oversights Can Lead to a Workers’ Comp Claim Denial

Make no mistake, your employer’s insurance company will look for any excuse to deny your workers’ compensation claim, which means even the smallest oversight can lead to a workers’ comp claim denial if it’s a valid reason under California law. Some of the most common reasons workers’ comp benefits are denied include:

  1. You didn’t report your injury to your employer right away
  2. You missed a deadline for filing your workers’ compensation claim
  3. Your injury wasn’t witnessed by anyone else in your workplace
  4. There is a discrepancy between your accident report and your medical records
  5. You filed your workers’ compensation claim after you were fired or laid off
  6. You refused to give the workers’ comp insurer a recorded statement or refused to sign medical authorizations

The Importance of Health Insurance in Workers’ Compensation

When a death benefits claim is denied, it’s essential to understand how your insurance plan, especially the health insurer, plays a role. It’s often the case that an employer’s insurance company looks for excuses to deny the claim.

Understanding Your Health Plan

Your health plan may have specific requirements and procedures to follow when it comes to claiming workers’ compensation benefits. Understanding these requirements and working within them ensures affordable care and minimizes the risk of denial.

Internal Appeal Process

If your claim is denied, you may pursue an internal appeal. This involves reviewing your claim with the insurance provider to correct any mistakes or provide additional information that may change the decision. Understanding how to navigate this process is vital to overturning denials of claims.

External Review and Medical Necessity

In some cases, you may request an external review by an independent third party. This review often focuses on medical necessity, ensuring that the claim is valid and required. An external review can lead to the overturning of a denied claim if it finds in your favor.

Legal Assistance for Denied Death Benefits Claims

Dealing with denied claims can be complex and frustrating. Having expert legal guidance can make a significant difference in the outcome.

Our San Diego Attorneys: Experts in Denied Claims

Our team has years of experience in handling denied workers’ comp claims, including death benefits. We understand the nuances of internal appeal, external review, and working with your health insurer. We are committed to helping you navigate these complex processes to achieve the best possible outcome.

Avoid Setbacks and Pitfalls

With our assistance, you can avoid common mistakes that lead to denials, ensuring that your claim is handled accurately and efficiently. Our experience with denied claims and our understanding of the insurance plan and health plan requirements means we’re perfectly positioned to help you.

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