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Drowsy Driver Suffers Serious Injuries in North County Crash

A crash in Carmel Mountain Ranch resulted in serious injuries to one driver and damage to property and another vehicle involved in the crash. The accident was attributed to drowsy driving and a san diego personal injury lawyer was necessary for helping the people involved in it.

Below, learn more about the crash and risks posed by drowsy driving, and contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer if you’ve been in an accident.

Accident the result of drowsy driving

The recent local crash happened on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 5:30 am. The driver of a Sadie Rose Bakery truck was traveling north on the 15 in Carmel Mountain Ranch when, according to the driver, he nodded off behind the wheel. The bakery truck driver then collided with the rear end of a Freightliner semi-truck at high speed, and next collided with the freeway’s center divider. The driver suffered major damage to his legs when the engine was pushed into the cab of the truck. San Diego Fire-Rescue and Poway Fire crews used powered extraction tools to remove the driver from the truck. The Freightliner suffered minor damage to its tail end.

Drowsy driving causes a substantial share of accidents

Drowsy driving is really common; probably, most drivers in US have driven drowsy at some time in their life. The symptoms are very simple, you feel that your eyes are closing, you have trouble keeping your eyes open, yawning, the vision begins to be blurred and your reactions may become slower.

With the current lifestyle many people stop sleeping to get more productive hours in the day so they can perform all the activities that require doing. However, the reduction of hours of sleep can bring negative repercussions physically and mentally.

There are some studies that assure that driving with drowsiness can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol since being sleepy affects the way you drive; even the reaction of the driver to avoid an accident is slower so drivers usually do not have time to correct the direction of the vehicle so many times these type of accidents are deadly.

Normally accidents related to fatigue occur when the person drives alone, and also it happens a lot to professional drivers and shift workers. According to official federal statistics, drowsy driving is the cause of between 1% and 2% of all fatal accidents in the US each year. However, new research shows that drowsy driving is a more substantial source of accidents than is reflected in these statistics. A study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety used in-vehicle cameras to study drivers and learn how many drivers involved in a crash exhibited signs of drowsiness prior to an accident. According to their findings, about 9.5% of all drivers showed signs of drowsiness prior to an accident. Drowsy driving seems to be an even bigger factor in serious crashes; in about 10.8% of all accidents that involved airbag deployment, serious property damage, or physical injury, drivers appeared drowsy before the crash.

Accident reconstruction experts are often able to determine whether a crash was caused by a drowsy driver based on braking and swerving tire marks, or the absence thereof, at the accident scene. Victims of accidents caused by drowsy driving may need to file a personal injury claim against the driver responsible in order to receive the damages they’re owed after a drowsy driving crash.

Tips to avoid accidents due to drowsy driving:

Drowsy driving must be avoided to reduce car accidents; we recommend sleeping between 7 and 8 hours each night because it is an essential component for health; in the case of suffering from a sleep disorder you must go to receive a medical treatment.

In addition, if you are too sleepy, we suggest that you must stop the vehicle and take a nap, even if the nap is of ​​ten minutes, this can help you improve your performance and reduce the symptoms of fatigue allowing you to drive better.

Also, avoid driving a high speed to get to your destination sooner; driving faster will be more dangerous because you will not have the quick response to stop in time, so drive slowly so you can stop the car on time. Also, one of the biggest errors is driving all night without resting properly.

If it is necessary to drive long distances, stop every two hours to get out of the car to stretch your legs or take a nap of ten minutes to maintain your alertness and avoid fatigue. Do not drive if you have been awake for more than twenty hours; drowsy driving is very dangerous and it is time to take action to avoid more deaths and injuries due to this type of accidents.

If you are involved in a car related accident with a drowsy driver you must contact a san diego personal injury lawyer at Banker´s Hill Law Firm. We are a law firm Established in San Diego, and one of our main objectives is to help people that have been injured in a car accident, we will fight to get the maximum compensation for our clients, so they are not burdened with having to pay doctor and hospital bills or funeral expenses for an accident or injury that was someone else’s fault.

For help seeking the money you need after a California personal injury crash, contact the knowledgeable and seasoned San Diego car accident lawyers at the Banker’s Hill Law Firm for a free consultation at 619-230-0330.