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A workplace injury can take just about any form, from a laceration requiring stitches to breathing problems caused by inhaling toxic chemicals. However, some work-related injuries do occur more frequently than others—and some injuries occur more frequently in specific industries. But simply because your injury or illness is one of the most common ones covered by workers’ compensation, it doesn’t mean obtaining workers’ compensation is any easier or more straightforward. An experienced California Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help you receive the maximum amount of benefits available to you.

Most Common Work Injuries

According to the country’s largest Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier, the most common work injuries are:

  1. Strains and sprains (30%)
  2. Cuts or punctures (19%)
  3. Contusions (12%)
  4. Inflammation (5%)
  5. Fractures (5%)

Based on business size and industry, strains and sprains top all lists for the most common type of work injury; except for small businesses where cuts or punctures happen more frequently. Eye injuries are among the most common workplace injuries in both construction and manufacturing. The injuries resulting in the highest costs—and consequently the highest amounts of available Workers’ Compensation benefits—include amputations, dislocations, electric shock, crushing, and multiple trauma injuries, such as breaking several bones at once.

Frequent Causes of Workplace Injuries in Certain Industries

The most frequent causes of workplace injuries include material handling, slips (or trips) and falls, being struck by or colliding with an object, accidents involving tools, and traumas occurring over time; such as carpal tunnel syndrome or skin disease caused by chemical exposure. Of these causes, some job accidents, and resulting injuries are more common in some industries than others. For example, while material handling accidents were the top cause of work injuries overall, these accidents are especially prevalent in the manufacturing and retail industries, while falling from a height is among the top causes of worker injuries in the construction industry.


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Common injuries

While material handling accidents are the top cause of worker injuries overall, these accidents are especially common in the manufacturing and retail industries, while falling from a height is among the top causes of worker injuries in the construction industry.


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