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Do You Need an Auto Accident Attorney in San Diego?

Posted on : November 6, 2018
by : Mark Lauzon

Unfortunately, vehicle accidents are incredibly common in San Diego, California. Odds are almost everyone has been involved in at least one minor car accident. And when the rain starts this time of year, auto accidents are compounded. If you were involved in a collision, you may have suffered injuries right away, or experienced pain that appeared later and then lingered for a significant period of time after the accident. For other vehicle accidents, the injuries and damages are so minor that the drivers, working in conjunction with their insurance agencies, are able to handle everything on their own. Or, those involved simply shake hands and go their way. Sometimes when the circumstances are more complex, it’s best to hire a professional auto accident attorney. Some of the laws governing San Diego California vehicle accidents demonstrate why it can be in your best interest to have legal representation in dealing with your claim.
What is a “Fault Insurance State”?
California is a “fault car insurance state”, meaning that the person at fault can be sued for medical expenses and other applicable costs. When it comes to pursuing compensation, the suing party doesn’t have many restrictions when filing their claim against the party at fault.
In San Diego California, if you have been injured in a car accident that’s due to someone else’s negligence, you have the option of pursuing the negligent party for compensation that pays for lost income, medical bills, property damage, and lost wages resulting from the accident. An experienced auto accident attorney in San Diego can guide you through the process.
The difference between a fault state and a no-fault state is that in a no-fault state, the driver that was injured can file a claim with their own car insurance company for the payment of lost income and medical bills. While this may seem simple, there are strict restrictions in no-fault states. Californians don’t have to worry about these no-fault rules, but what they do have to be concerned about is pursuing meaningful compensation. Insurance companies try to award as little as possible in order to protect their bottom lines, which is why they may try to reach the injured party to get them to agree to an immediate settlement that isn’t enough to cover all costs.
We can assist you in recovering compensation for a car accident. Speak to a professional auto accident attorney at Banker’s Hill Law Firm by calling please call us at 619-230-0330.