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Auto accident lawyer San Diego CA

Speed-Related Escondido Car Accident Results in Two Fatalities

A collision in a North County intersection has resulted in two deaths, as well as injuries to two others. Learn about the accident below, and contact an experienced San Diego wrongful death lawyer if you’ve lost a loved one in a crash or other injury accident. We highly recommend contacting Banker’s Hill Law Firm, A.P.C.  auto accident lawyer san diego ca, if you have been involved in a car crash.

 Established in San Diego, Banker’s Hill Law Firm has as a main objective to assist individuals through all legal process steps after being injured in a vehicle accident. We fight to get the maximum compensation for our clients, so they are not burdened with having to pay doctor, hospital bills or funeral expenses for an accident or injury that was someone else’s fault.

After being involved in a vehicle accident, the people injured are unaware of what comes next. They find themselves in an unfamiliar situation that our attorneys can assist with. It is then important to contact an auto accident lawyer san diego ca so you can defend your rights and protect yourself.

Being a driver means responsibility and unfortunately, some drivers do not take this seriously. That is why many speed-related car accidents result in injuries and deaths during the year. Generally, these types of accidents are fatal due to the high-speeds which causes a strong impact among the vehicles.

Intersection crash results in rollover, injuring four

The recent local crash occurred on Sunday, March 25, 2018, at around 11:30 pm. The victims, a man and woman, both 19 years old, were in a Ford Mustang, driving west on East El Norte Parkway in Escondido. As the Mustang traveled through the intersection of East El Norte and North Ash Street, a Dodge Charger traveling on Ash sped through the intersection against a red light. The Charger struck the Mustang on the driver’s side. The Mustang rolled over on its side several times before coming to rest in the front yard of a nearby home. Sadly, the driver of the Mustang was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the vehicle. Emergency personnel declared the two 19-year-olds dead at the scene of the accident. A third occupant of the Mustang was taken to a local hospital, as was the driver of the Charger, each having suffered serious injuries in the crash. Police believe alcohol may have been a factor in the crash and San Diego County law enforcement continues to investigate whether criminal charges will be filed.

Speeding both common and deadly

The speed of the red-light-running Charger was a major factor that increased the intensity of the recent crash. San Diego freeways and roads are loaded with drivers traveling at unsafe speeds. While it might feel urgent that we get where we’re going as fast as possible, speeding not only causes serious crashes; it also makes what would have been minor accidents much worse. According to a report released by the National Transportation Safety Board, over a ten-year span, speeding caused just as many deaths as drunk driving, but isn’t nearly as stigmatized a behavior as drunk driving. Speeding both reduces a driver’s reaction time to objects or cars that appear in the road and multiplies the force of impact when a collision occurs. Southern California drivers who are the victims of speed-related crashes can use evidence of a driver’s reckless speed as support for a claim for damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

Car accidents are really common in our city, every day you are surrounded by thousands of cars and the statistics is that an average person will be involved in more than one traffic accident during their lifetime. Hopefully, if you are in a car accident you will not be seriously injured. However, if the accident results in injuries to your or a loved one, you need some assurance that you will be appropriately compensated by the negligent driver.

Although you can’t always protect yourself from speeding, distracted driving, drunk drivers and fatigued cross-border trucking, you can find experienced and aggressive legal representation to hold negligent drivers accountable and get the compensation you need and deserve to move on with your life and have the medical care that you will need.

If you are looking for an auto accident lawyer san diego ca, we are your best choice since we are a law firm with excellent attorneys that are strong and advocate for our clients, protecting their rights and helping them reach their goals. We also are experts in immigration law, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and family law.

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