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Extensive Study Finds Laws Aren’t Deterring Texting and Driving

Statistics on the dangers of texting while driving have only become more conclusive over the past several years. Numerous safety experts are of the opinion that mobile phone use behind the wheel is largely responsible for the sharp uptick in roadway deaths that has occurred over recent years. Many state legislatures have enacted laws that place increasingly-restrictive limits on behind-the-wheel mobile phone use. Nevertheless, a newly-released study shows that the number of drivers who use their phone behind the wheel has only grown. Learn more about the study below, and contact an auto accident attorney san diego ca, specialized in distracted driving if you’ve been hurt in a crash with a distracted driver.

Nearly two-thirds of drivers use a cell phone behind the wheel

The newly-released data comes from the makers of the app Zendrive. This app is used by multiple ride-hailing companies and car insurance carriers to track driver phone use. According to anonymized data that Zendrive gathered from 4.5 million drivers’ phones, about 60% of all drivers used their phones at least once while behind the wheel. The company estimates that 69 million driver’s nationwide use their phones while behind the wheel.

In addition, the amount of time that drivers are on their phone appears to have climbed over the data that Zendrive gathered in 2017. The average driver spends 3 minutes and 40 seconds on their phone for each hour that they’re behind the wheel. This marks a 5% increase from 2017. Drivers in California, Washington, and Oregon, all of which have laws mandating hands-free use of mobile phones behind the wheel, all spent markedly more time on their phones this year as compared to last year. Zendrive estimates that Californians spent over 6.5% of their driving time on their phones, and spent over 54% longer on their phones than was measured in last year’s study.

These high percentages translate into car accidents that make a lot of people suffer the consequences of distracted drivers, and these victims will need an experienced auto accident attorney san diego ca to provide legal representation to hold negligent drivers and get the compensation they need to move on with their lives.

Mobile phone use behind the wheel approaching epidemic levels

Between 2014 and 2016, roadway deaths increased by over 14% in the US. Official federal statistics appear to greatly underestimate of the rate of roadway deaths caused by cell phone use, and many experts believe the increase is due to distracted driving. The CEO of Zendrive, Jonathan Matus, explained, “As you have more young drivers on the road, and as people increasingly become addicted to their smartphones, it will continue being a major health issue—almost an epidemic—in this country.”

However, not only the use of the smartphone is a reason for distraction, although sending text messages or watching social networks has become one of the main forms of distraction is not the only one that exists when driving.

A distracted driver is one who takes his eyes off the road, his hands on the steering wheel, and his attention when driving. Other common forms of distraction are:

Smoking causes the driver not to have one of his hands on the wheel, also, at the moment of turning on the cigarette the driver puts his attention away of the road. Eating or drinking can cause accidents; it is recommended not to consume food while driving because the driver is distracted and when the driver is eating they take their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel.

In addition, a large number of people have been distracted before an accident by their pets or objects that move or have fallen in the vehicle. For example, driving with your dog on one side can greatly distract the driver because he stops seeing the road, it is recommended that if you are traveling with pets you do it properly, taking him or her in its carrier cage or with the attachments to place the belt on your pet.

Other type of distraction occurs when the driver is adjusting the sound, temperature in the car, as well as using car devices such as navigation systems or mirrors while driving the car can also cause the driver to be distracted. If you need to program the navigation system it is recommended to park and place the address.

Some accidents had happened because the driver was trying to reach something that fell in the car, while still moving. If the phone, the bag or some other device falls, wait until the car is no longer in motion to grab it again. Trying to grab objects that fell while the car is in motion has caused a large number of accidents.

Some accidents have been caused by other occupants of the vehicle who distract the driver, whether to take a picture, ask to observe something and take their eyes off the road, or have a serious conversation that exalts the driver; if you are a passenger avoid distracting the driver.

Daydreaming is another very common factor when people go to work or return, sometimes they do not remember the journey and this is because their mind is elsewhere, thinking of thousands of situations and driving like an automatic pilot.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a crash with a distracted driver in California, contact an auto accident attorney san diego ca that is effective and has a great amount of knowledge in personal injury like our attorneys at Banker’s Hill Law Firm A.P.C. Also if you have doubts on how to proceed after a car accident please contact us at our phone number 619-230-0330.