An Introduction to the E-2 Visa

An Introduction to the E-2 Visa

When first looking at the catalog of Visas the United States has to offer, one can be perplexed and overwhelmed as an immigrant. Thankfully resources such as law firms allow us to make the right decision when picking a Visa that is right for us.

The E-2 Visa, in simple terms, is a Visa that allows for a business investor and/or their employees to come into the United States for work. The maximum amount of time this Visa grants in the United States is two years, the good news is that there is no limit to how many times it can be renewed. This Visa can also be given to the spouses and children (unmarried & under the age of 21) of those who qualify. Once accepted they will be granted the same period of stay as the investor or the employee.

However, like any other visa, there are plenty of stipulations that one must meet before qualifying for the E-2 Visa. The first being that the Investor interested in obtaining the E-2 Visa must be a “Treaty Investor” meaning said investor must come from “…a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation, or with which the United States maintains a qualifying international agreement, or which has been deemed a qualifying country by legislation”. A list of qualifying countries can be found here. The treaty investor must also have invested or be in the middle of investing a substantial amount of capital into a business in the United States. That same capital must be shown to be sourced from non-criminal activities. On the other hand, the employee applicant must be from the same nationality as the investor, while also being part of the managerial branch of the business, or have special qualifications for said business.

The E-2 Visa is a great tool for those who seek to grow their business in the United States while bringing specialized and essential employees along with them. At the same time it allows for those employees to work outside of their home country for two years at a time without fear of leaving their family behind.

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